Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Wedding Year

No, no not my own. Silly you. But this year I will attend three weddings (we already attended one, so only two to go). One is in May in Canada the other in June in Yorkshire (as I probably have mentioned before). 

I didn't quite realise how quickly these are approaching. It's only a month to go for the first! Usually I am not really fussy about what to wear. But for some reason I decided that I was not going to wear any of my black dresses. Don't always wanna be the one showing up in black to a wedding. Only problem is I only own black dresses. 

No problem me thoughts, I will just buy a non-black dress. Stupido. Now, I am not the thinnest one in the bunch, more leaning to the other, 'darker' side. I am not unhappy about that. But when having to buy fancy dresses, I do get annoyed. For some reason the manufacturers think that only skinny people should wear nice dresses, everybody else should wear either black dresses or dresses that resemble potato bags more than anything else. Basically I felt like giving up before I really started. But then I went back to Germany (apparently Germany is host to the fattest Europeans. Bingo!) and my mom dragged me out clothes shopping. So far so not so good. She hates going by herself, so whenever I am there I get to go to all the places where people over fifty buy their clothes. 

One of the stores we went to was C&A. Usually only the elderly wander into it. But the last couple of years they started some clothing lines for younger people (or maybe I have just gotten older and grown into their 'younger' range). So we wander around looking at different dresses. Most of them I wouldn't even wear to my grandma's tea parties. But then we found a handful of decently looking dresses, non-black, in my price range. I kid you not. The first one I tried on was a perfect fit. Love it. It's almost 100% cotton. Nice enough for the weddings, but can easily be dressed down to a summer dress. Came complete with belt and little cardigan. Though I probably won't wear it because it's 100% polyester. I tried on some other dresses too but in the end bought the first one. It was just too nice. 

The only concern I have is that it is a bright red dress. I usually don't look too swell in red. Something about my complexion and red just don't match. But it looked ok in the store, so let's hope it will too under the sun!

Here is the dress in question. Put it all nice over a hanger. They are not the best pictures in the world but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks. Really excited to wear it now! I stole some accessories from my sister for it. She wore red/black to my brothers wedding and I found some red bracelets, hair ties and a cute purse. So I am all set!

  2. Nice! You'll look great! :)