Monday, 3 May 2010

The inside of my make-up bag

As promised, today I will empty the contents of my make-up bag. It's really not all that exciting since I cleaned it out a few months ago due to the fact that I basically hadn't used it in years. But there are some recent additions that are, well, not that exciting. But anyway, hope you enjoy taking a peek!

I apologise for the picture quality. The weather today is not so good. Lots of rain and wind and it is very dark. Took these pictures under a desk lamp. I guess they have a nice warm glow.

Got this at H&M years ago. I have a similar one in red with a white Snoopy on it. But that is still at my parents' place.

The basics: I love that mousse make-up. It's so easy to apply. Really nothing that can go wrong! The two sachets are out of some magazines. Had them for years. Should probably discard them at some point, but I hate wasting things. Even though I don't like liquid make-up.

Two new additions. Powder and a pocket mirror from the body shop. Only used it once so far, but seems nice enough.

These colors are all quite glittery and shiny. Perfect summer colors. Hoping to maybe use them this summer to get some color into my face!

My mascaras. The top one is blue and looks brilliant with my eyes. The other two are black.

My eye-liners. They don't really get used a lot except for the big one in the middle. It's a beige shimmering color and looks good in the summer, fall and winter!
My only lipstick. It's purple and I got it as a freebie. The lipgloss is a nude color. I do have another one in brown/shimmer with vanilla flavor and tons of lipbalms, but I don't seem to be able to find them. They are scattered between my various purses and backpacks, so I'm never without one!

Last but not least: My disinfectant liquid for earrings, and two brushes, one for powder, one for the eye-shadows.

Now, what about you? Do you dare to bare it all? Show me the inside of your make-up/jewellery bag?


  1. Ooooh yes...but you'll have to wait. We're going ot Nero first and maybe tomorrow, when I'm alone and nobodys bugging me I'll take some photos of the inside of my Cowshed. :p

  2. I have actually taken the photos on Tuesday...but somehow I don't seem to manage to upload them.... damn those lazy genes.. :S

  3. LOL. Good thing I am able to wait patiently...