Saturday, 19 February 2011

One week of placement survived!

So I started my work placement on Monday. The week went by in a whirlwind. I'm interning in the sales team and had to collect a ton of sales kits. I also filed, and printed and threw out old jackets and information (that one made me a bit nervous as I threw out more than 10 big garbage bags of stuff). I also helped out the publicity team by translating a document for them. Weren't they lucky they had a German in the office!

Nothing too exciting happened in the week. I enjoyed the work though. Everyone was extremely nice. I was a bit worried about lunch time and if I had to sit all by myself. But so far I got lucky and there were always nice people in the kitchen who sat with me. Was fun to listen in to all the conversations going on.

Of course, one of the things I enjoy most are the books. The office is filled with them! So far I have been too chicken to ask whether I could take some with me. Gotta change that next week. The sales team is responsible for all of their own books but also for the books of some other publishers. My favourite one being a manga publisher. About half of all the mangas that make it to the UK will go through that office. Isn't that cool?!? I filed and printed away information on all of those coming out in the summer. I didn't get to read them, but still, I love working with them. Hoping I can sneak some freebies out of the office.

Next week one of the girls I'm working with will be on holiday. Hoping for some good work during that week then. And figured the week after I will ask whether I could sit in in some meetings and get to look at some other things too. Mainly interested in having a look at their production department and what they are doing. The whole company is working from the same floor. So I already know where they are, just have to approach them.

So far I'm really positive about this placement. Now just going to enjoy my weekend and the bliss of doing nothing...


  1. Good to now you're having fun. :D

    PS My Blogname has changed... ;p

  2. Deleted your old blog, added your new one.

    PS You haven't updated the change on your facebook page!!! ;-)