Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Weekend sushi

Last weekend we made it out of the house and went to the Southbank. I forgot to post about it but I have picture proof!

 The sushi place had a fish tank right next to our table. Fresh sushi anyone?

 Edamame beans with chilli sauce.

 More fish. They were too cute.

And some nice beer in the evening.

Otherwise it was a very lazy weekend and now it's back to the placement. Still enjoying that. Though today it was really quiet. The nice thing is I have access to the manuscript database. So I started reading one of their new titles. Can totally live with not having anything to do when there is a whole database to read!


  1. So you went to look at the fishies...and then went to eat them....hmmmm :p

    Nice new design. :)

  2. Aw, you ate the little fishies! But they taste so good, right?

  3. It was even better than that: We ate the fish in front of the fishies and they looked like they wanted a bite... cannibals!