Monday, 5 December 2011

It's almost winter

I wanted to do a real post, but instead I got to play around with the background and colours. I wanted to give it a more winter/Christmas feel. I don't feel like winter at all yet. Mainly because it's not really cold. The last few weeks it has been really mild. I think it might get a bit colder this week. Let's hope so. I really want to get into the right mood before Christmas hits.

Anyway, will try to post about my weekend later! Everyone have a happy Monday ;-)


  1. Hope you had a good Monday as well. :) Yeah, I'm JUST now getting into the Christmas spirit. It's been pretty mild here also, on and off. So it's hard for me to feel like it's winter/Xmas without the biting cold! xD I like the new blog layout/colors!

  2. Thank you! Now the layout actually helps me feel more in the right spirit. Plus it turned cold(er) yesterday. Now I get to wear my proper scarf (I love scarves).

    It also helps that today is Nikolaus (well, at least in Germany it is) and I baked the traditional bread that goes with it. Now it's officially Christmas!