Friday, 30 March 2012


This is a lovely picture from Tuesday evening. We had some emergency building works in our area and when I came home from work water, phone and electricity was not working (man, never been so glad in my life that I went to pee before leaving work [tmi? apologies]). 

Bf was staying out for drinks, though I instructed him not to drink too much as availability of water was uncertain. No information when anything would go back on was available as our company kept stressing it was EMERGENCY work. Since 9am. I got home at 7pm. Really, still no idea? 

Ah well. After realising that I didn't have any bottled water (or drink of any kind) or candles in the house I ran down to our little convenient store. They had almost run out of candles, so I had to buy the smelly ones. Sorry, scented ones. By the time I got back it was already getting pretty dark. Never realised how quiet and boring it can be without electricity. I did read, but it was just soooo dark and my eyes started hurting after a bit. What a shame, could have been such a nice romantic evening with the bf. Instead I went hungry for a few hours. Power came back at 10. I made dinner overate because I was starving and then couldn't sleep at night because of it. Oh what a lovely day. Ah well, let's hope for no more emergency works. But if they come, we now got water and candles. Boy are we prepared!

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