Monday, 19 March 2012

It's about spring time

I couldn't put up with the winter colours any more so switched to a brighter colour set. The weather is a bit up and down at the moment, but clearly heading in the right direction. We had some gorgeous days last week and it can only get better. I already started looking for a new pair of sandals and am waiting for my new glasses and sunglasses to arrive. Spent a fortune on them, but I need to see. And it's the first time in years that I will be going to wear sunglasses. I never bothered to get subscriptions on them before so couldn't wear any unless I wanted to be blind.

The weekend was really nice. The bf went a bit crazy on gadget shopping. He wanted to bring them home safely so we took a speedy taxi home. Only to find that he forgot to get a receipt. After a bit of a panic moment we hoped back on the bus and went back to the Apple store. But alas, they are great people and just printed one out again. I must say, their customer service is pretty damn good. As it should be considering the amount of money they make you spend there.

And because I was such a good sport and first came with the bf all the way out to East London to pick up a parcel and then do the Apple store trip twice (all in the same day) he bought me some coffee and a croissant.

This is an almond croissant covered in custard. I was really good!

We also managed to get a run in on Sunday. Which was great as the sun was out. And to my surprise after that the bf wanted to leave the house AGAIN! That's very unusual for him. So we went out to Oxford Street. I didn't buy anything as I am broke and waiting for the next paycheck. But I started to make lists in my head of what I really really 'need'. Already picked out my new pair of sandals, a nice brown leather bag, and some clothes. Cannot wait to get paid (must not all spend it on the first weekend). 

We also picked up some storage shelves from Muji. They have little drawers in them. We organised all our electronics in them. The amount of USB connectors and cables we amassed with our different Kindles, phones, Ipads etc. is unbelievable. They should start to make it optional now. It's just a waste of resources now. 

Anyway, hope everyone will have a good week and let's hope the weather stays nice. Been enjoying sitting in the sun at work. Just lifts my mood by like 150%.

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