Friday, 30 March 2012

Tea time!

A couple of weeks ago the bf and I went for afternoon tea. I love afternoon tea! I think it's one of the greatest inventions. So relaxing and so yummy. I had looked up this little place in Soho, Soho's Secret Tea Room. Little did I know that it was actually secret. Well, at least hard to find. It is situated on top of a pub and there is only a tiny sign pointing you towards it. You have to enter through the pub and then you have to ask staff to be escorted up to the tea rooms through the staff room behind the bar. Feels very James Bondish. We made the mistake of not reserving. But luckily were early enough so they could squeeze us into the corner. It was a squeeze but well worth it!

We were on the first room floor (second floor for you North Americans). They have a grammophone playing music and the staff is dressed in, I want to say 40s costume, but really I have no idea. It's some kind of period dress. But not over the top, it's more something you might see your grandma wear in old photos. Really lovely and stylish.

But what I loved best was their china. It's all mismatched.

Exhibit A: the 'vase'. And aren't those flowers lovely!?!?

 Exhibit B: the tea cup (you cannot see, but the plate underneath has a different design).

 Exhibit C: I love this cup. My grandma used to have a very similar set. Reminds me of being a kid. Aw.

The rooms. Doesn't look like much here, but they were lovely. Mobile phone is not the best camera option.

 The food! We could pick our slice of cake and cupcake (I had carrot cake and vanilla & lavender cupcake. Nom nom nom.)

 Scones. Who doesn't love scones?

Even our tea pots were not a match.

Overall I loved the place. We might be back. Though I love exploring. Already booked a table for this Saturday at a tiny Chinese tea house. Yay, very exiting for weekend exploration!

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