Sunday, 7 February 2010

Follow up post

Two things I can follow up to from yesterday:

Numero Uno. Running. It felt really good to be outside and working out. Even though it only lasted about ten minutes and at the time I thought I should have done more and lasted longer. Turns out, it was good that I didn't. Today, I can really feel it in my muscles and bones. My inside thighs are on fire (which is a good thing, hopefully that means more muscle leading to less fat, yay). And in my tummy (see brackets in previous sentence) and on my back. Don't know if there is that much fat to lose on the back but hey, all is welcome.

Avatar. In 3D. I really liked it. They didn't push the 3D in your face. In some scenes especially around the lush and luminescent forests on Pandora it just looks amazing. In others when people are just walking or talking I couldn't care less whether it was in 3D or not. It also looked rather nice when there were big 'boxes' on screen. For example when we were watching the protagonist through the front screen of a helicopter, or when a big long glasscase is washed out with a hose. Unfortunately, the story line fell a bit flat. Just a little bit too predictable and nothing new really. I won't say what exactly happens since I don't wanna spoil it for people who still wanna see it. But let's just say the story is straightforward. Though that said, the movie went by very quickly. I think it's about 2 and a half hours long. Definitely did not feel like that. So, to sum it up, I enjoyed the movie immensely, the story might not match the innovative tech. I'll give it a 7/10.

So, today we will go see 'Up in the air'. The idea is to watch as many Oscar nominated movies as possible. We are one down. LOL. Yeah, I think I did see many movies last year, but apparently my tastes differs with from the people nominating for the Academy. Meah, we acquired 'The hurt locker' yesterday, so that is up on the 'To watch list' as well. 'Up', 'Inglorious Basterds' and 'District 9' are high up there too, though I don't have them yet. The only one I am not toooo excited about is 'Precious...' The title is already too long for me to even write down and really puts me off the whole movie. A novel by Sapphire. Who is Sapphire, who names themself sapphire? Honestly. So that might be the one I skip. Bf money is on 'Up in the air' for best picture. I am not sure. Figure I wait till I have seen it all. Hmm, without having seen it, but were amazing if 'Inglorious Basterds' gets it.

Have rumbled on enough about this now. My tummy tells me it is time for breakfast. I think there are some eggs in the fridge.

All of you have a great Sunday! Enjoy. 


  1. I think 'Precious' (which is as far as I'm concerned the title of the film) should be watched. I've read the Behind-the-story and it's chilling.

    We've seen none of the Oscar Films so far but I'm desperate to get my hands on most of the new films coming out or just having come out. This is and last year was a good year for film. :)

  2. I can lend you the hurt locker on blu-ray. if that helps. still hoping to get my hands on all the other films that are out already.