Sunday, 21 February 2010

The non-update update

Basically just posting to inform you all that there is no update on the movies yet. I purchased 'Up' on Friday. So we will hopefully be watching that soon. I also wanted to get 'District 9', but then I just couldn't spend the £20 on it and figured I'll buy it sometime later. Maybe it will get cheaper...

In other news, as I have already forgotten any new year's resolution I might have had, I decided to make little plans month for month . This way I hope to get more done and keep track of what activities I am wasting my life on at the moment.

So for February I decided I wanted to finish two games. I keep buying games and usually end up not finishing them. No specific reasons, just no time or because I am reading or catching up on TV shows. So now I am working my way through Chrono Trigger and Ninja Gaiden and am immensely enjoying it. The thought behind it is that I want to clean up some of them so I can start fresh on Final Fantasy XIII in March. Yes, geeky, but I love it nonetheless.

I would do the same thing for reading books. Just because I have a huge pile on our desk that grows bigger and bigger. But I actually do read a lot of them, I just keep buying too many to stay on top of it.

Anyhow, my secret project is running along nicely. I basically posted it on Friday and the decision is now in the hands of other people. So scared that I did not do enough for it. But now all I can do is hope...

Going to enjoy the rest of my weekend now.


  1. Keeping fingers crossed with Secret Project!!!! :D

  2. Thanks... appreciate that. Soooooooooo excited. Keep tracking the deliveries on royalmail... two of them have arrived the third one is untrackable... that worries me a tiny bit.