Thursday, 11 February 2010

Movies continued

So we watched 'Up in the air'. Really liked that one. I thought it would be funnier but I enjoyed it nonetheless. George Clooney was brilliant. Glad I got to see it. We also managed to squeeze in 'The Hurt Locker' in the evening on blue-ray. Looked amazing. I thought it was really sad, but very intense. If that makes sense. Out of the three watched so far I would give the Oscar to 'Hurt Locker'. But still many to go. I don't really wanna judge until I have seen them all.

This weekend will probably not progress us much on the movie front. On Saturday we are going to a good friend's wedding and on Sunday I have to work (booh on that). Hopefully the weekend after will be more productive.

In other news, I am just melting some Camembert in the oven which wants to be eaten. Dipping in some baguette. Will be delicious. Mmmmh.

Gotta to leave for dinner now...

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