Friday, 3 December 2010

The end of teaching

I survived the first term of teaching. Feels really good to be done with that. This last week a couple of big group projects were due with presentations to company CEOs. That bit was a bit scary but turned out great in the end. I wish I could post here what we did, but since it is group work for uni I don't feel like I should post other people's work. We made up a great logo for our 'company' and picked fabulous books. We even made mock covers, wrote a press release and had a nice information package for the company we presented to. I can't believe how much work we put into that!

So now I can be lazy again and work from home. There are two essays due next week on which I haven't even started yet. Lalala. Guess I have to bust my ass over the weekend. But it feels great to do individual work again and not rely on other people. I really don't mind group work. We were five people in a group and sometimes it was exhausting to get everybody's opinion heard and then get everybody to agree on a strategy! But what I thought was most annoying that some of our group members were not really reliable. They showed up unprepared. One of the girls was late EVERY time. Sometimes more than half an hour. One time three hours!!! And then she would always leave early, not participate and really rely on us to do the legwork. I hate that. But I'm not good at approaching people and telling them what I think about that. Especially because I feel like that shouldn't be necessary. We are on a freaking Master programme, not in kindergarten. Is it too much to ask to do some work and show up on time? So yeah, there were two people I gave really bad feedback to. But I just couldn't justify giving them good feedback since I felt three of us did all the work and the other two participated once in a while but didn't really put any effort into it.

Sorry, didn't mean to rant on about that. But I have this obsession with fairness and I just don't like it when some people just get through life by relying on others doing their share. But I guess that's just how it goes. Next term we will be in new groups and I'm sure I will find other things that annoy me. Maybe I should just become a much more positive person. But that just doesn't run in my blood. I was already so calm and Zen at meetings and poking fun. Calming down the other two girls you did the lion-share of work. Very excited about the feedback I will be getting. I'm thinking something along the lines of possibly bossy. One girl already told me that she put down 'cynical' for my excess strength (aka weakness). Uh, that's another thing that annoys me. Why can we not call it weakness, why does it have to be excess strength (especially since that doesn't make any sense with cynical). I don't mind the cynical part, can't mind something that's true. And I don't view it as a weakness anyway. Has served me well in the past and continues to do so.

On a bright note: I was trying to get work experience the last couple of weeks. And today one of the companies I applied to got back to me. Via text message which was weird. But anyway, will go in tomorrow when they have an open day and chat to a guy there who will hopefully give me some work experience. And then a couple of hours later another company came back to me. Just letting me know that they were still trying to figure out if they could use me somewhere. That was nice. So will try to pester that one too. Might get a second work experience now. Hurra!

Tonight I will go to a birthday party. Will be a nice change of scenery. Next week I will mostly work on assignments. My programme director is planning a conference two weeks from now and I will be helping out. So there will be some preparation for that as well. And the week after that it will be home for Christmas. Sooooooooo excited about that. Not only about he going home bit but also about the not having to do any work for more than a week! Hurray! Christmas here we come...

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  1. Good to hear from you again. :) Glad you've survived.

    Like the new Look btw. ;)

    Good luck with those Interviews!!!