Thursday, 23 December 2010

German Christmas

We made it to my parents in one piece. And the flight was even on time. Ok, so it wasn't on time, but only half an hour late. That is on time in my book.
Bf doesn't feel so good. I have to remind him to drink his water and he sleeps most of the day. Dragged him to the doctor this morning and pumping him up with medicine now. Hopefully he will feel fine tomorrow with all those meds kicking in. Still plan on not letting him do anything as he's supposed to rest.
Everything is beautiful and white over here. I think I've never seen this much snow here at my parents place. Going to have to take some pictures and post them before it goes away. 
Will attempt to bake a cake later today. It has to be lactose free as my sisters' boyfriend is lactose intolerant (feel like watching Big Bang Theory now). So will have to see how the soja butter will hold up in a cake.
Since we came late we unfortunately missed the German Christmas market. I'm very disappointed about that, but not much I can do. But I bought Glühwein instead and will make some for after dinner tonight. It's gonna be a very quiet Christmas. The snow messed up the TV reception, so no TV. My dad wanted to dig out an old CD player, so we might have music. But otherwise there will be lots of reading and maybe some games. Might be nice for a change.
I'm off taking care of the bf!

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