Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I usually don't do New Year's Resolutions. But I figured I will make an exception this year as I really like the idea of setting some goals and achieving those. Not talking about big things here, just small ones to make sure life doesn't just pass one by. I will put them on their own page and try to update how I'm doing. This is not a hugely exciting list, but I'm trying to take baby steps!

  1. Drop ten kilos by the end of the year (preferably not gain any back over Christmas).
  2. Read at least one book a month for pleasure (doesn't count if it's for study).
  3. Regularly update Goodreads.
  4. Get a haircut at least twice a year (yeah, that's a LOT for me) and make it short.
  5. Try to eat at least one piece of fruit a day.
  6. Go one week without carbohydrates (bf swears on this so let's try it out).
  7. Go out for drinks to a new place at least once a month.
  8. Go to at least six new and exciting dinner places during the year.
  9. Go out at least twice a month and ignore work/study for those nights.
  10. Go running once a week.
  11. Have a detox day once a month.
  12. Cook at least two times a week.
  13. Go to the movies at least six times.
  14. Watch at least four Studio Ghibli movies that I haven't seen yet.
  15. Use up all the tea in the kitchen before buying any new ones (except my daily dose of green tea. Cannot live without that. But all the 'fun' ones have to go before stocking up again).
  16. Go through the whole wardrobe and throw out what I haven't worn for a year or doesn't fit/isn't comfy/looks horrible.
  17. Buy one pair of shoes that looks good with skirts. And maybe buy a new pencil skirt.
  18. Smile when somebody wants to take a photograph of me (instead of yelling at them).
  19. Buy a wrist watch.
  20. Reply to messages within three days. No delays allowed. Yes, waiting three months is too long.
  21. Go on chat/messenger programmes at least twice a week to stay in touch with friends.
  22. Start an address book and update it regularly.
  23. Do not just get any job when graduating. It has to be a publishing job.
  24. Put away money once I got a job for a trip to Japan.
  25. Do the Japanese homework every week for term 2 and 3 and study for half an hour a week on top of the homework.
  26. Finish Japanese for Busy People I and work through half of Japanese for Busy People II.


  1. Good Luck! That's a big list. I have a lot but am too scared to write them down as no it will be a big fail on so many. A lot of them are like yours though - number 15 YES - god, how many sachets of tea and coffee do I have in this house. Must. Finish. Draw. Full. Of. Mysterious. Sachets.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks! I just fear if I don't write them down then none of it will ever happen. Let's hope putting it out there will be a motivation and reminder to stick with it.

  3. Good luck with your resolutions - I agree with GW, it is a big list! Lots of good ones though. I couldn't go a whole week without carbs - I think I'd collapse or go mad after a couple of days! I will join you in your healthy endeavours later in the year though, once I'm done gestating...