Sunday, 19 December 2010

Penguin Cover Show

Two weeks ago I went to an exhibition of art inspired by Penguin book covers. All pieces had to be the size of a typical penguin paperback, but otherwise the artists could do whatever they wanted.

Here are my favourites. Unfortunately I didn't have the galleries catalogue, so I cannot tell you who the individual artists are.

'A fucking novel' How brilliant is that? Had me on the floor in hysterics.

It's the next one on my reading list so had to include it.

This one was 3D. Made me want to pick it up and finish painting it.

A 'Who dunnit'

Subtitle: 'A Science Fiction Novel with enough Thrills for five Sequels'


I forgot to post it while the exhibition was still on. Sorry, but if you ever stumble across it, watch it! It's really neat.

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