Monday, 3 January 2011

It's a new year

New Year's Eve was pretty unspectacular. Bf had to work (I fortunately didn't have to go to my placement) but came home quite early, around 3. So I headed out to grab some food. I also wanted to get out because I was getting cabin fever. Had been sitting at home for the last three days waiting for a delivery that never arrived. Still hasn't.

Bf wanted mashed potatoes and sausages for dinner. Not very festive, but then again we weren't in a festive mood. When I came back from store bf was on PSN busy downloading games. So we had a pretty relaxed evening playing Tetris and Risque against each other, watching a bit of TV and drinking champagne and Guinness mixed with Champagne. It's called something Velvet. Can't remember now. Nothing exciting, but it was nice to spend some time together. We went to bed at 4am. So I guess we actually did have lots of fun because neither of us wanted to go to sleep.

The next day we slept in, had a nice breakfast and were lazy the whole day. Initially bf wanted to go up early and shopping, but that didn't happen. We went on Sunday instead. Was fun, I browsed through some clothing stores, HMV and drug stores. Only bought some socks and panties though. Have to watch the budget and I really don't NEED any new clothes. Plus there is no space in the wardrobe. Need to throw out some older clothes. But I hate doing that. Not good at getting rid of things. Though I have been going through my sock/underwear/tights shelve and threw out quite a few things.

Now it's time to study. Urgh, hate studying. The bad thing is I got my grades from the essays and I did really well. And since that is 50% of the grade I'm not too bothered with the exams. I don't care if I do well or not as long as I pass and I feel I know enough to pass... so meh, not bothered about studying. But don't tell the bf. He'll get really worried otherwise.

Will do more cleaning today. Hate doing it all on one day. So today I think I will clean up the desk (which should take forever) and either kitchen or bathroom (anything to avoid studying). Hoping that when I start bf will feel obliged to join in and clean the other room (yes, isn't it great to have a studio flat, not that much cleaning to do).

I'm still not happy with the looks of the blog. So yes, expect another change. Sorry, I tried to do the seasonal thing, but now I just wanna switch it up a bit... I will leave you with some photos of our shopping trip to Angel.

Note the subtitle: Only one year left til the world ends according to John Cusack.

Pics look a bit bleak. It was a really sunny day when we set out but when I took the pictures it was getting overcast.


  1. I like the baby chickens :) It is also a very easy to read layout which is nice.
    Guiness and champers?? Seriously?? Absolutely heinous. I was expecting a - we were so pissed we thought we'd try it explanation but there was none!! It actually has a real name. Hmmmm. I am intrigued though! Happy studying - go on. Do some.

  2. It's actually really nice. Gives the Guinness a sweet note and makes the foam even more... well foamy and soft. Black Velvet! That's what it's called. And if you mix Guinness and Cider it's a Snakebite. Recommend that as well...
    (Studying right now, I swear... after reading some blogs)