Monday, 17 January 2011

This is frustrating

So the last term went out with a bang. Exams, food, drinking and one day of leisure. And now this. Been back in classes since last Monday and no time to breathe. All the projects for the semester got dumped on us, I had my placement on Friday and the weekend was spend like this:

That's right. Sitting at my bf's office (because it's nice and quiet and has free coffee) studying! I read through someone else's dissertation and through about half a text book and did some maths exercises.

Today, thankfully, I only have one class. But after class my group is meeting to discuss ideas on two projects. We are supposed to acquire/commission books. But of course we have to come up with the ideas. Uh, not really good at that. Did I mention I don't wanna be an editor and don't really care about that part? Well, at least there are four other people in my group who ALL wanna be editors. So I figure it would be good practise for them ;-)

Here's to the next weeks calming down a bit...

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