Sunday, 30 January 2011

After work drinks

On Friday after work I headed into the City for a couple of drinks (maybe a couple more). Met up with some of bf's friends. We were in a newly opened pub and there was nobody there. Maybe two other tables were taken, but otherwise it was empty. I kinda liked it because I had just changed trains at London Bridge and been run over by a big guy and really didn't feel like getting squashed by more people in a busy pub. So I didn't mind. And they played really good music. A bit random, I remember Ace of Base, Rage against the Machine, Black Eyed Peas, some country, dance and R&B. 

Best part of the evening: We all got hungry and headed over to a Japanese restaurant around the corner. They had amazing food and it was decently priced.

 Unagi and Avocado maki anyone?

Spicy wing sticks and chilli beef with green peppers, onions and black beans.

The bf wanted to share the food (never happens), I took advantage of that and stole more than half his chilli beef. We also had edamame beans but I forgot to take a pictures of those.


  1. yum..

    Hey, just noticed 2 things:

    wasn't following you via GoogleFriendsConnect yet - changed that - and you need to change my blog address.. I've moved but it still says tumblr. Thanks! :D

  2. Et voilĂ , changed! I think I have to go through all of them and see if they are still correct. This is the first time I changed something for about a year...