Sunday, 9 January 2011

After exam treats

I survived the exams. Ok, there were only two, but on consecutive days. I hate that, usually bad at studying for two things at the same time. I prefer to keep it separate.

But it's over now! The last one was on Friday and I got out of it just after four. Went directly to the nearest pub with most of my classmates and had some nice drinks. Unfortunately most of the others then wanted to go home and dress up for a night on the town. But I knew if I were to go home I would never make it out of the house again. Luckily others were thinking alike and five of us headed up to Angel for some dinner.

We ended up at Gallipolli, a Turkish restaurant and ordered their set meals. It was amazing! I had waaaay too much to eat. They kept bringing out more and more little plates. I kept putting most of it on my actual plate as the table was way too small to host all those plates.

Look at all the stuff on my plate. And that's not even all we got! After that we went to a Circus-themed bar. No idea why, but it was really pretty. Had another couple of drinks and then headed home in a really good mood. Could get used to treating myself this way.

This is the inside of the restaurant. Apologies for the poor picture quality and low lights. It was really atmospheric. The walls were painted a dark red, candles on the table, lots of Islamic art on the walls. Really cool place. You could have sheesha outside (was too cold for that).

Saturday was spent at home recuperating. Read a bit, watched some TV and hung out. Nice day.
On Sunday bf wanted to go out for brunch and shopping. Not saying no to that. I had two poached eggs with whipped yogurt and spicy butter. It was amazing! The eggs were swimming in the yogurt, which was almost like whipped cream, but sour and salty, and the butter was melted and all orange/red and really spicy. Had some bread to dip in. Nom. I forgot to take pictures though, as I was starving and only remembered after I finished. Sorry.

After brunch we went shopping for a bit on Regents Street and Oxford Street. I actually enjoyed it as there weren't that many people around. We ended up in a little café afterwards. They had home-made cake and ice-cream. So we decided to share some.

This is an amazing carrot cake with pistachio ice-cream on the side.

This is just a regular cappuccino. But it went really well with the dessert. Headed home afterwards and enjoyed some movies. Now I'm supposed to write learning reflections for uni. But they are not due till tomorrow at midnight... So I'll probably end up doing them tomorrow. Too lazy now...


  1. Congratulations on finishing your exams! That's such a good feeling. And good on you for taking a night off to celebrate... I need to do that more.

  2. Thanks! I couldn't even remember the last time I went out to really enjoy myself. Planning to take it easy this term and have more ehm social time with my classmates instead of study time ;-)