Sunday, 30 January 2011

Placement Mania

I am back full swing with uni life. Can't believe that already three weeks have passed. After another two weeks I will go on placements full-time. Can't wait for that! I didn't get the placement that I originally wanted with a packager in their production department. They just wouldn't make up their mind whether they wanted someone for five weeks, which is the required length of my placement. So I applied to a couple of other places. Finally ended up with a five week stint at a medium sized publisher in their sales team and two weeks at a big publisher in their outsourcing arm.

The latter one I am really excited about. We had the guy who runs it come in last term and tell us about what they do. They basically do all aspects of publishing, but for other companies. Usually smaller publisher will outsource to them and they then either do something in-house or outsource themselves. What I love about it is how global it is. The job could go out to companies anywhere in the world. For some clients they have set production schedules, where a magazine would be send to the Philippines via email, they would do the copy editing, then it would go on to India for illustration work, would be send on to Europe for putting it together in it's final form, then send to the publishers in the States, they would approve it, and then send it on to their printers. Amazing!

The placement in sales is not as exciting. I'm not sure yet whether I'm in International sales or UK sales. Hoping for international, but I shall see. I don't mind it, I might even start working in Sales when I get done in the summer. I just would have preferred to get some production experience as I still think I would prefer to work there. Plus, I have experience in a buying role which already sets me up for a job in sales and I wanna avoid being pushed into this one direction without the chance to try something else. Come summer I will be happy to accept ANY job, but until then I wanna keep my options open!

In other news, I love my new study group! They are so different then my last one. People actually do work without being pushed and volunteer for tasks. It's amazing! We are so far ahead in our projects, I'm really starting to relax and enjoy my studies again. Stress-free uni, who would have thought that is possible?

Speaking of which, gotta go and study some more now. Reading this really interesting book about ...drumroll please... publishing!


  1. Ah, good to hear you're enjoying yourself and congrats on the placement. The big one sounds exciting.

  2. Thanks, I can't wait to start!! Studying is all swell and well, but I miss going to work and then coming home and not having to worry about anything. I might almost go so far as to say I miss my former work place ;-) But only almost...

  3. O_O Dear! Lie down, breathe, relax. *opens.window.wide* Are you feeling better? Any more thoughts on your former workplace?


  4. LOL. Must have been the chemicals in the hair dye giving me hallucinations. No worries. I will NEVER return there.