Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Yesterday I made the big mistake of walking into paperchase after class. I love the stuff they have. Spend about 20 minutes debating over whether I should by a notepad or not (decided not, since I still have three at home, but oh it was sooo cute). And then I found a new section in the back of the store. They are basically selling sheets of wrapping paper. But some of it is really ... different. I took some photos:

I love those kinds of material. So I got really excited until I realised that I couldn't buy any as I have zero use for them. My group was thinking of doing a girly book project this term and we could have gone all overboard with these to illustrate the book and make it fun, but then we decided to do a book for boys instead. Hmm, I'm thinking boys will not get too excited about pink glitter on their books. *sigh* Maybe I can find a different project were I can incorporate these materials...


  1. We sell decorative paper like that at my work! They're really pretty and have all sorts of neat designs and things on them. But they're kind of expensive, and i'm not sure what i'd ever use them for. People sometimes ask what they're for and i usually just answer, "Oh, whatever you want to use them for!" Wrapping paper, scrapbooking, etc.. i don't know!

  2. Oh, I didn't know how much I missed Paperchase until I read this. Sooooo pretty.

  3. J'adooore Paperchase. In fact, I only bought a Notebook there last Saturday! :D

    Oh and yes...they do have beautiful wrapping paper..you could buy me a gift and wrap it nicely *lol* :p

  4. @-phx-
    I used to use them a lot when I was a kid because my mom was into all kind of crafts. Had tons of fun with them, but the end results were butt ugly. My older sister really had a nag to decorate things with nice paper and make boxes. I always tried to copy that but failed everytime!

    They have amazing stuff. Sometimes I think it's too pink, but then they redeem themselves and introduce other nicer colours.

    I went back today and bought two notebooks... But I need them for class, I swear! Nice try to sneak in a little present for yourself there. Maybe I'll give one to Lime instead ;-)

  5. I LOVE paperchase too.Really impressed that you managed to stop yourself from buying any of that gorgeous paper!Hope you find a project so that you can indulge soon;-)

  6. *lol*.. was a joke haha. But thanks. :p

  7. @maggietoki
    it was hard, but I really don't have any purpose for it.

  8. I remember paperchase! I've haven't been in the UK for 22 years and yet, Paperchase, oooh! I have to get this stationery attraction under control...