Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January blues and house guest

January Blues. I think we all get it. After the holidays going back to work just seems so hard. All the Christmas decorations are coming down (I find that very depressing, after all the excitement of putting and having them up the office just looks so bleak) and the weather is cold and all I want to do is hide at home with a good book. The first week back at work was just horrible. I mean work was fine, but having to go to work, urgh.

Second week was a lot better and this week is actually really exciting. I am back in my everyday rhythm and enjoy being at work with my colleagues. There are exciting projects to tackle in the next weeks and I am almost done catching up on things from last month (I hate catching up so sometimes that takes me sometime, especially on things that are not urgent or I just don't give a sh£% about).

I guess there is really no point to this post. I haven't done anything exciting the last couple of weeks. Waiting for pay day. I actually stayed in all weekend and read. Finished two books so I guess I did excellent in that department. Though the shelf is still stacked full of unread books. They are actually making me take home all the books I have at work. So I took another look and put half of them back into the communal bin and are only planning on taking half of them home. Poor bf will get a heart attack.

In other exciting news, we have a house guest! Little mouse hiding under the fridge. No idea how it got in here. But it will not be allowed to live. Put up three mousetraps, but so far it seems too smart to be lured into certain death by peanutbutter. If it's not gone by next weekend I might have to step up my game and get a) poison (though I don't want it to die under the fridge and make my house smelly) b) those traps that get them alive and then drown it in my cleaning bucket c) a shovel and smash it's tiny little head to pieces d) wish it was a spider and I could just vacuum it away.

Right, enough of that. War is on in my house and I am not planning to lose it. Hope everyone else is slowly getting out of their January blues and happy without any house guests!


  1. Why do you need to kill it?! Can't you get a humane trap and release it in a park or somewhere like that? I came to commiserate about January blues but am now just feeling sad for the poor little creature.

  2. I guess I could. But my parents and grandparents always told me (when they killed their mice) that that is a bad idea because mice always go back to where they came from. I don't know if that's true, but I really don't want it to come back. Plus, I really don't want to walk through half of London with a mouse in my hand. Makes me seem silly. I eat meat, I can kill a mouse. I make it quick, promise.

  3. I see you're coming to Japan. I'm in Japan. I found a good website the other day for cheap accom. here. I was surprised at how cheap.
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    1. Thanks for the website, but we already booked accommodation. Which was actually not as expensive as I thought, but still, Japan's not cheap.

      Sorry about the word verification. Never noticed that. I'm not a tech whiz so no idea how to turn it off. Hope you can forgive me. Maybe on my next trip I will visit Nagoya and remind you of your generous offer!