Sunday, 22 January 2012

The mouse has officially moved out

The mouse is gone. Bf was so nice to get rid off it early in the morning before I had to see it. About five minutes after we went to bed on Thursday I could hear a loud noise from the kitchen. But I didn't want to check. Bf apparently hadn't heard it and the next morning was startled when he almost stepped on to the poor mouse. But he manned up and tossed it in the garbage and actually brought down the garbage so we didn't have the mouse in the house any longer. We kept the other traps out just in case, but I honestly don't think there is more than one. Very glad it's only the two of us again living in our flat.

Otherwise the week was rather quiet. Bf is working hard again and actually had two laptops from work home over the weekend to keep working. That is commitment! I went out with a friend on Saturday. We hit up Borough market so she could get some nice cheese and then we headed into town to shop. I didn't buy anything, but we ended our shopping spree at a nice Korean place and had these amazing sizzling rice bowls. I forgot to take a picture, ate the whole thing as I was starving. I need to remember to take more pictures! I want to post some on the blog, but I always forget to do so when out.

I spent the evening at home reading and watching TV. This morning we went out for a long walk and did some grocery shopping before coming back home. And the rest of the day I spent relaxing with a book and a bit of TV. New Top Gear is on tonight, so that will ring out my day. And maybe Birdsong after that. I did like the book and am interested to see how they turned it into a movie. Though the main actor creeps me out a bit. Eddie Redmayne. Not sure why, but might be a reason not to turn it on.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and feels refreshed for the new week!

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