Monday, 8 March 2010

Going to Canada

Finally booked our flight to Canada in May. We are attending a friend's wedding. I cannot wait for that. Should be great fun. We fly in the week before so should catch all the pre-wedding action. This year is the year of marriages. That will be the second one and there is a third on the horizon in June.

Now just have to gather up all the money to pay bf back. Actually had problems paying online. The issuer held the payment for some reason. So we had to call and tell them to be so kind to release the money so we can book the flight. Weird.

Fun thing is I think we are booked in on the exact same flight times that we took in December. I liked them. Noon departure and afternoon arrival and on the way back evening departure and early, early morning arrival. Probably will spend most of that day catching up on sleep since I have to go to work the next day. Sigh.

But so excited!!! Can't wait to go. Only two more months to go!

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