Thursday, 4 March 2010

Things I love Thursday...

This is an idea that I have seen on several blogs now and I really like the sentiment. I first saw it here don't think it's the original source though. But too lazy to look up that one, and since I have never been there I think it's ok to only show this one.

I have been feeling a little bit anxious lately, and also a bit dark and gloomy. Probably just the cold weather getting to me. The last few days have been nice and sunshiny but cold, cold, cold. Making a list of things I love and cheer me up at the moment seemed like a good idea.

So let's see what needs to go on my first 'loving' list:

  • Healthy food. Nice stew sitting in the kitchen right this moment. I have been falling off the wagon a bit lately and it feels really good to eat healthy again and stop overindulging. All this good yummy food makes me feel better from the inside. Trying to eat more soy and veggies and it really lifts my spirits (and hopefully lifts off some weight, though that is not the primary goal, just collateral 'damage').
  • Podcasts. Love listening to them on my way to work. They wake me up and make me smile. 'nough said about those.
  • Green tea. Used to drink it all the time. Tons of it. For some reason I drank less and less of it the last few months. Now that I started drinking lots of it again I feel much better, less thirsty ;-) and less hungry. Makes me feel full for some reason. And I really enjoy the taste. I picked up a mixed package from Twinings that has all these different flavors in it. My favorite so far: apple and pears. Don't really taste the apple, but the pear is yummy.
  • Secret project. At the moment it stresses me out a bit, just to organise it all and keep track of it and keeping it a secret (though hopefully not for much longer), but on the other hand I think it is moving along nicely which makes me feel really excited. And a little bit nauseous. 
  • Holiday planning. Took half a day off tomorrow which I am planning to spend relaxing and possibly shopping (need new work pants [trousers, for you British speaking folks out there] since another pair of mine ripped, hurray. Hate, hate, hate shopping for pants). Then I have almost a whole week off at the end of the month. Have to come in for half day on the Friday, work on Sunday and Monday and then off home for Easter. Love Easter! Then a month of work and then off to Canada for a wedding. Then a month of work and off to Yorkshire for a wedding. This year is wedding year, that will be three weddings in five months!
  • Sunshine. Has been really nice weather the last couple of days. It is actually light outside now when I leave the house AND when I get back home. That is such a big pick-me-up. That almost officially means that spring is just around the corner. 
This should be enough for now. Rather enjoyed doing it. Might have more to say next week. So watch out!

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