Thursday, 11 March 2010

Things I love Thursday...

My second attempt. Let's see what I have been loving this week.

  • Secret project. Still very excited about this. And the ball just keeps on rolling. I will probably just have to be patient for another week and then I will know if it will go as planned. Even though then the real work will begin...
  • bf coming home tomorrow evening after being gone for the whole week. He has been out on seminars. Getting drunk with his work crew every evening which means...
  • Chinese food and quiet evening tomorrow! Love it, hopefully I will squeeze in a movie too!
  • Finding bf's old phone. Even though it is 'old' it is still much better than the one I have. So I did a little swap over this evening. Gonna test is this week to see if the battery and yadda yadda is as good but so far, love it! It has a real colour display and a camera! The camera isn't that good but still, it is a camera!
  • Audiobooks. They make me feel not quiet as alone as I feel all by myself at night. 
  • Final Fantasy XIII. Just started to play it and it is phenomenal. The graphics, wow. Need to play it much more. But so far, so good.
  • Vocab cards. One of the people in my class took it upon herself to print out nice verb cards with a picture on one side and the different forms on the other. Really help me to study my Japanese. Probably already learnt more in this week than in the entire last term!
That's enough for now. I feel really sleepy, so I will go enjoy my audiobooks. Have a good night everyone!

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