Saturday, 27 March 2010

Weekend Post

Oh I have been bad. Haven't posted for over a week! I am very sorry about that. Don't really have an excuse. I was off work for most of the time. Took all but Friday half-day off work. My holiday period ends at the end of this months so I had to take the last days I had otherwise they would expire. Of course I couldn't let that happen. So I enjoyed almost a whole week off.

The week was great. For once the weather changed to the better, it is mild now. Almost spring-like. A little bit of rain, but I didn't mind at all since I chose to spend most of my time in the house anyway. I played a good part of Final Fantasy XIII. Really enjoying that. I can't believe that I didn't manage to finish it this week, but I am not complaining. This way it will keep me occupied for longer and I will enjoy it for a bit longer. 

Also got some reading done though I am thinking that it will mostly happen when I go home next week. Being at my parents place usually gives me some downtime. Though I will try to visit some people. Family of course since it is a holiday but also some old friends from high school. There should be some around. Really excited to meet one of the girls I graduated with. She got a job at a city council really close to where we went to school. I think it's a really good job and she's very excited. Can't wait to hear all about that. There may be some of my old crew in town so I might be able to meet up with them. But most of them are scattered all over Germany so I might not get a chance to see them all. I hope I can rectify that over this Christmas period. Because my special project is moving along nicely I think I will be able to take Christmas off this year and go home! That would be the first time in three years. This makes me ├╝ber-excited about this year. I will probably get to explain about my secret project in the next month or so. I am just waiting on a final confirmation message. But the guy I am supposed to get that from is on holiday at the moment so I just have to be patient a little bit longer. *sigh* I can be a very patient person, but for things like that I want security and I want to know what's happening ASAP. So this is a bit trying on me and my bf. But he bears it with grace. And the waiting should be over soon *fingers crossed*.

Not much else to report. I have been trying to be good and stay in touch with far away friends. But I do have to admit that I find it very hard. It's not that I don't care. I do, it's just that I feel that I don't really have anything to say and then I don't want to call and only write texts bla bla bla. But that said, I actually managed to go on skype and talk to a girl I went to uni with. Was great fun, we had a lot of catching up to do. It's very exciting to see where everyone ends up after graduation. We don't all graduate together. The way my degree was built people could graduate at any time, speeding it up or dragging the process along. So I basically graduated by myself. Which was ok but everyone is at different stages now and it's harder to keep up. Have to keep tabs on people.

Otherwise nothing exciting happened. We are trying to get train tickets to go to the Yorkshire wedding. We figure if we book early we get them cheaper. Which is key. One of the reasons I stayed home during my week off was not to spend any money. There is just absolutely no money left in my account. After I paid the ticket to Canada and the one to Germany my account is basically empty. Pay day cannot come soon enough.

Tomorrow and Monday I have to work and then on Tuesday I will catch my too early flight home. Very excited. Tickets are printed out and on the table next to my laptop. Just have to throw some things into my backpack on Monday and I am ready to go. Yup, no suitcase for me. That would be too expensive on Ryanair, plus my flight leaves so early that if I had to check in I might miss it. Almost happened to me once. Not taking a risk now.

Gonna bugger off and keep playing my game. Would prefer to go out and drinking but that has to wait until there is more dough to spend...


  1. Ahh nice to hear from you..was wondering where you were.. :p

    Can't wait for you to get that final message.. wonder when you'll 'post' yours.. *ahem* ...

    I know what you mean with keeping in touch but I also find that it is difficult since we've all changed so much.. its only been a couple of years or so but most of my friends from school or 'college' just have nothing in common with me anymore or I'm just not interested in them anymore as harsh as that may seem..

    If you haven't seen the following two films yet let me know and I bring them in on Monday.. Seven Pounds and Away we Go.. I think you might like them.. the first one is with Will Smith and really deep and uhm sad.. the other one is an Indie film..

    Anyway.. have a good evening and hope you don't get too many calls tomorrow.. Sorry if you do :(


  2. I think I saw a trailer for the Will Smith one. Never heard of Away we go. But I can always use some more films to watch. Please bring them!!!

    We just saw Che Part 1 last weekend and hopefully will see part 2 soon. It's really good. I watched the Motorcycle diaries a couple of years ago with a friend. I really enjoyed it, but we saw the Spanish version and I don't speak Spanish but was good anyway. The scenery is amazing. Makes me wanna go to South America.

    Sunday went ok. Nothing major happened though I had a million phone calls about case sizes. *sigh* I liked the other system better. Was bored the last two hours. Luckily I brought my DS and got some proper game time in. Hope I didn't forget to do anything. dum di dum.

    Anywho, have a good Sunday. CU tomorrow!