Friday, 5 March 2010

We love Friday!

Today didn't start too well as I didn't sleep well because somebody got home late and kept waking up having to go to the bathroom (that somebody wasn't me, I just woke up because of that about every two hours. Fun times).

But the day got much better once I got out of the shower. It was light outside, the sun was shining. Crispy cold when I left the building, very few commuters since I leave early. Nice day. The best thing of course being that I took half the day off and left at 1 sharp. Uh felt so good not to leave for lunch but to leave for the weekend so early in full daylight.

I made my way to Piccadilly Circus and hit the nearest HMV. Just browsed through games and books and ended up buying two DVDs. 'The ramen girl' and 'My neighbour Totoro'. The later one I have been meaning to see for awhile. Can't wait to pop it into my DVD-player ehm Playstation.

Then I headed over to Japan Centre. Since I already spent some money now I decided to skip the one that has all the books, pottery and stuff and head straight to the food store. Big mistake. By this time I was starving since I did not eat any lunch. Filled my basket up to the top with goodies. After I loaded up I headed home to enjoy the afternoon. Sitting right next to the window enjoying the sun.

Figured I'll watch one of the movies but then I ended up just watching 'Grey's Anatomy'. And of course eating my awesome food. Was a little bit proud because I managed to only eat half the sushi and have not yet touched any of the sweets. Will keep those for dinner. I just made some nice green tea. Worked out perfect. No cravings, no starving.

Now just chilling out. Reading some news, blogs and browsing on Amazon. Always dangerous but always good.

Managed to 'only' eat this for lunch. It was very filling and delicous.

Still haven't touched this. But I really like the banana flavored soy drinks. I wish I could find them in a multi-pack. Or at least a multi-pack of vanilla ones, though usually all I can find is chocolate. Sigh.

These babies are still waiting in the kitchen. On the right side are some dorayaki filled with green tea custard and with green tea mascarpone and red bean paste. There is another bun on the left with red bean paste, one strawberry cheesecake and one green tea and melon pastry. All so good!! No worries, I will share these not eat them all by myself. Although I am really tempted to do so.

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