Sunday, 29 August 2010

Day 10

Day started out really good. Had a nice cinnamon and raising bagel. Went out for a run. That makes it three runs in a week. One more than I have too. Maybe I can get the momentum going next week. Though I have to say I didn't particularly enjoy this third one. Maybe I cut down to two, just to keep the enjoyment up and hopefully be able to carry this through to the winter.

Otherwise haven't left the apartment. Just watched a movie. Might pop in another one in a second. Really nothing going on. Enjoying the lazy life. We might go out for tea tomorrow. Let's see how that turns out. The weather is just changing like crazy back and forth. One minute it's sunny, then it pours. Maybe we'll find a nice rain-free time tomorrow to hop to the café, sit through the rain and then come back after the next shower. These things want to be planned. Anyway, one more day of weekend bliss.

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