Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 8

Still being a good girl. Went running today ~3km. Felt good. I tried to do it as early as possible in order to avoid the rain. I got lucky and didn't get wet at all (if we don't count sweating). Felt good to go running out in the cooler weather. I did take a scarf. Should have waited though. The weather got better this afternoon and I can see sun peaking out through the clouds. Ah well, did my run and feel good. Might squeeze in a third one over the weekend but no pressure.

Haven't stepped on the scale again since starting this while thing, but hoping it will be down on Sunday. Maybe I will do a weight-in day once a week. Though I hate doing that. It's so much pressure. On the other hand I want to monitor how things are going. With something more precise than my clothing. We'll see. But don't think I will post any numbers. Eyes only.

Have to stock up on fruits over the weekend. Ate through almost all of the ones I have here. Very good effort on my part. Also gonna see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tomorrow. If we are not too lazy and make it out of the house. But I really wanna see it and go get some coke and popcorn and have the whole movie theater experience. The theater is actually only a ten minute walk away. Should really make it.

Studying was good too. The whole week I did exactly what I planned. Monday is a bank holiday and I scheduled that in. No studying over the weekend though. Oh, bf finally got a kinda definite date for going to Singapore. In about a week, only going a week and then going straight to India. Lucky him. So he will only be gone three weeks instead of six. Good for me!

I just got down with a book I read and now can't decide what to read next. I have a couple of hugs books which I never take with me on any commute because they are bulky and heavy, so thinking now would be the perfect time to read them. But for some reason they are not 'speaking' to me at the moment. I'm sure they will eventually at a time when I have absolutely no time to read them at home. For some reason the really small books are the ones I really wanna read now (a couple of James Bond are staring me in the face right now). Wish my reading cravings would be more convenient and coincide with the correct situation. Put Roberto BolaƱos's 2666 right on the bed to water up my appetite. Not happening so far. How can I trick my mind into really wanting to read it right now? Also have the pillars of the earth here, but I read the first chapter a while back and it really turned me off.

Gonna go get into a staring contest with the book now. Hope I will stay good and get to write here tomorrow and not give into weekend lazyness. Have a great bank holiday weekend (for those of you from the UK).

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  1. Ah, well done :D The longer you do it the less it feels 'different' and more like 'just what I do'. :)

    Oh I know all about buying books (or films) and then they just don't 'speak to me'... I have to be in the mood...
    Have a good BH weekend.