Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 9

I love weekends! Had a really lovely day today. I slept in, then had yummy bagel for breakfast and some tea. Lurked on the internet for a bit. We headed out around noon and went to see 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World'. It was a great movie! Very different than I thought it would be. They had lots of funny effects in the movie. Made it similar to comics and some really fun video game references.

After that we headed over to St. Pancras to the Champagne Bar. We sat right next to the Eurostar that was about to leave for France. One of these days I wanna be on it too, but not today. We had a great afternoon tea and ordered a selection of seasonal champagnes. Once for each season, the spring one was pink, the summer one white and very fresh, the ones for winter and fall were a bit yellowish, one very dry the other a bit peachy. For the tea we got some sandwiches, scones (love the clotted cream on them) and cake. Was all very tasty. So glad we only ordered for one person as there was plenty to share and I was stuffed at the end. I guess it's all the cream. The one for the tea even came heated! Never had that before.

Went for a stroll through the station. Foyles had some great books but I was strong and didn't buy any. We went to Pink and bf picked up some suit stuff. Just small things, before he paid I told him it was ok to put it into my purse, but he refused and said no problem I just take a bag. I let him find out first hand, that a store called Pink actually did have pink bags with ridiculously looking ribbons and stuff on it. So he kindly refused and put it in my purse after all. Would have been fun to see him walk around with such a girly little bag. But I was nice.
Headed home after that. Bf now making spaghetti for dinner while I'm hanging out and reading. Maybe gonna have a beer later. Two more days off. Feels like forever. Did I mention I love long weekends!

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  1. Ohhhh scones...with creeeeeam.. hmmmmmm Luuuurve them! Miss them too :(

    Glad you had a lovely time and made it to the cinema.

    The Eurostar is nice. I like it. I like it even more when it takes me to Paris. <3 :D