Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day 2

Good day so far. bf is home and we are enjoying doing nothing. Some reading and watching TV going on. Thinking about leaving the house for a snack run, but really want to stay with the healthy.

Went for a 2k run this morning. Felt really good. Next one I will try to do 3k. Already looked up a route to go on. It's hard to spontaneously do a longer run because of how the streets are laid out. We have a lot of dead ends here. It's getting easier to run too. The hardest is the first kilometer because I always go up a hill, but then it gets easier since it's downhill or even ground from there. By the time I'm at the bottom of the hill I feel like I could run forever. Of course that's only an illusion, but still, it's a nice feeling. But I figured I shouldn't push too hard. I always go a really slow pace and stop before I feel like dying. This way I'm hoping I will enjoy the whole experience more and am less likely to quit. And I have to carry this over into the dark, cold and rainy winter season. 

Had a nice bowl of cereal with yogurt in the morning. Then a nectarine, plum and banana for snack. Can you actually overeat on fruit? I usually don't eat a lot of fruit, but trying to up my intake at the moment. So I eat about three pieces a day and in the afternoon also some dried fruit. Is that too much? I have no idea. I'm about to make me some nice tea and have some dried apricots and dates with that. There is some sugar in the dates, but it's all natural. Don't know what to have for dinner yet, but there are still some zucchini. bf made some nice tofu and noodles for lunch.

Tomorrow I'm hoping we will leave the house and maybe do some shopping or go have some coffee somewhere. I like lazy days in the house, but feel like a caged animal if it's for longer than a couple of days. The running helps but is not quiet enough. The weather today is really weird. It's warm yet cloudy and windy. But a warm wind. I'm waiting for some thunder or something but nothing happening so far. 

Will go back to my reading now. Still no package from amazon. Hopefully Monday!


  1. i don't think you can really over-eat fruit, unless that is ALL you're eating. Which it obviously isn't, so i think you're fine! i know people recommend eating more vegetables than fruit, because veggies have less calories, but i don't think it really matters. i definitely prefer fruit!

  2. I thought they might have more calories. Possibly because of the sugar? But I like fruit better as a snack. Vegetables I usually only eat in meals. Don't really fancy snacking on carrots and celery.