Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 4

Start of the week. Healthy living still going on. Though I have to admit I had an ice-cream yesterday. Twas delicious! Didn't go running today but will go tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it! Turning into a strange person I don't recognise anymore!

The day started very excitingly as I was laying in bed drifting in and out of sleep and I suddenly remembered that I had called the garbage people and our TV was supposed to be on the sidewalk by 6am. I had heard the alarm earlier (which goes off at 6.30am) so I bolted upright and basically leapt out of bed into a pair of shoes and a cardigan yelling at poor bf. I don't think it was very coherent what I said there as I got weird (almost scared looks) from bf. After about five attempts he understood what I wanted and calmly put on some clothes too. I was still hectic and kept pestering him even forgot to put on my glasses and kinda stumbled out on the street. Also forgot the TV but much more awake bf did remember to bring it. What a star. We got it out there at 7.30. Fingers crossed that the waste disposal people weren't there already. Have to check later if the TV is gone. If we missed it maybe somebody will be so kind to steal it. It's fully functional! No thieves around when you need them.

After that abrupt start to the day things calmed down. Still watching Gilmore Girls but I did revise my CV and cover letter. Now I just have to find companies I want to send it to and tweak it to each companies requirements. Have I mentioned that I hate writing those? Feel like I'm whoring myself out. I guess everyone has to go through that. Will just suck it up. But won't do it today. Company finding and sending CVs out will commence tomorrow.

In more exciting news my amazon package arrived! I got five study books now. One is recommending reading before the course starts. Of course that is the biggest one. I'm excited nonetheless. Will learn all about publishing law in the next few weeks. I also got two DVDs. Sometimes I'm too lazy to sit through a whole movie (TV shows destroyed my attention span), but I really want to see these two 'Café Lumière' and 'Instant Swamp'. Since they are in Japanese I'm also deluding myself into believing that watching those two is like studying. Brilliant plan. I will get so much done the day I do that!

Gonna go immerse myself in those books now. Did I mention I love books!


  1. Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, The Uneven Cup isn't quite ready for people to view yet...I'd messed up the, I did post your comment....but you can't read my blog yet! Sorry. It's gone private, at least for a little while.

    I kept my name when I got married. My husband was fine with that, but I've had the most trouble with my best friend not wanting to acknowledge that I kept it. She changed hers when she married, as did my younger sister.

    My hubby's family probably doesn't know about it...but then again, they hate me!

    So, thank you for the comment, and I hope to have a few more pieces written soon before I go public with it.

  2. So sorry about that. I was just on your profile and noticed your new blog. Let me know when it's up for public viewing though, I really like to hear what you have to say.