Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 12

Really sad that the long weekend is over. Have no motivation whatsoever. I did all the studying I was supposed to be doing today (which was a lot). But didn't manage to get my ass out the door and go running. Which was a shame as the weather is really lovely. It's sunny and cold. Really cold. But it smells and feels like autumn. I like autumn. Hopefully will get a full blown golden September. Figured I will go running tomorrow. When it's probably raining cats and dogs. Oh well, will deal with that tomorrow.

Otherwise all is well. Healthy eating still growing strong. Had nice cereal for breakfast, mushroom soup for lunch, then some fruit and smoothie. Waiting for bf to come home as I'm starving and want to have dinner. Apparently he needs to stay for at least another hour. Might have to fix dinner and eat by myself. Drinking some smoothie to carry me over, but I really want food. Can't think of anything else but food. Probably because I finished studying, now am bored and too lazy to find something else to do. I might dig out another movie. Hopefully more to say tomorrow.


  1. It was really warm here today with minimal wind. Nice.

  2. I think it might have been like that here too. For some reason the warm air just doesn't come into our apartment. Just went for a run now (and the weather is just like yesterday's) and it's nice and warm and sunny outside. Just not in the flat. Very frustrating. Could be so nice and lovely in here. I guess there are disadvantages in facing north-east.