Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 5

I can happily report that the TV is gone. Thank you council for taking away our garbage for free (well, I guess it is covered by council tax). I was a bit worried that we missed our collection time, but luckily all gone. Just have to throw out the remote.

Went for a 3.4km run today. Felt really good. Though my legs felt heavy when I got home. But I started stretching and my breathing was back to normal after a few minutes. Definitely getting used to working out. I always have to wait a bit to hit the shower after running as it takes me a long time to stop sweating. Sweating is healthy and all but I do find it strange that it just doesn't stop for half an hour. Another thing I noticed I get really cold after running. Not immediately. About an hour after my feet get really cold and that creeps to the rest of my body. That's just so strange because usually I'm always too hot. Especially my feet and hands tend to be really warm, but after running they are like ice! Isn't circulation supposed to improve with working-out. Wouldn't that mean that they are supposed to stay nice and warm? Well, I got out my nice fluffy winter socks, made some tea and warmed up.

Since I got my study books yesterday I made a four week plan on preparing for uni and catching up on Japanese. In my last lesson my teacher mentioned that now we should know everything from 'Japanese for Busy People I'. Gosh, I was shocked! I hadn't looked into it once despite me having purchased it with my first lesson two years ago (already two years, crazy). We do use study material independent of the book, just loosely based on the lessons.  I slacked the last year and all the things I know, I don't know by heart. It's more like I have heard of them when somebody mentions them. Since I don't want to repeat the class I should really catch up. In the next four weeks I'm planning to work through the Japanese book, a publishing law book, and a book on how to get a job in the industry. Made a nice timetable and filled it in with many chapters. Despite not having been particularly motivated to do any studying I pulled out my nice schedule and started around noon. Managed to get everything done that I planned for today. Was easier than I thought and I enjoyed getting back into the language and learning about something new. I think this is going to work!

No running tomorrow. It's rest day. Will just do the studying and maybe some grocery shopping in order to get out of the house. Or a nice walk? It's not really walking weather. Sometimes it's raining, then it's windy, then it's cold, then it gets warmer. Changing quickly, always a surprise.

Leaving you with motivated thoughts. Already looking forward to studying tomorrow and running the day after. Life is great without work!

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