Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 6

Nothing exciting to report. Everything is still going well. Had healthy food and did tons of studying. Even had time for a Gilmore Girls break. Getting too obsessed with it, tomorrow I should think of something else to watch during break. Maybe West Wing.

I was planning to go outside for a walk today, maybe pick up some groceries. But it's raining, more like pouring since lunch. And it's gotten cooler. Nice. Decided not to go for a walk. Have been drinking tons of tea instead and enjoying the sound of rain on my windowsill. Makes me want to have some chocolate. Too bad none in the house. Maybe will pick some up tomorrow. Rich dark chocolate. Hmm, can taste it melting in my mouth. Right, change of topic.

Bf is staying out tonight. Some kind of free drinking event. Nothing to be said no to. He's probably gonna be bursting in here at 1am, drunk and happy. He's a noisy drunk, there'll be plenty of stories and singing. Since I don't have to get up early it will be fun. Looking forward to it.

Might watch a movie tonight. Since I'm all alone I can put up one of the Japanese movies (with subs obviously) and won't annoy boyfriend. Usually crank up the volume quite a bit desperately trying to understand at least one or two words every couple of minutes. Other than です.

Now I'm going to enjoy some hot lime (don't have any lemon) because my throat hurts a little bit and the weather just calls for it. Gonna snuggle up with a good book and enjoy ... silence.

Replace the lemon with a slice of lime and you get the idea...

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