Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 3

Had a very relaxing day today. Slept in (7.30 without once having been nudge by bf), puttered around a bit, made a lovely breakfast with fried eggs and then puttered around a bit more. bf decided to take me out to lunch to Strada. Had a mushroom pizza with creamy cheese. Uh, I guess that wasn't the healthiest lunch but so yummy. Also had some really  nice olives. They were a dark almost pine green and tasted not a bit bitter. Usually I'm not a fan of green olives because they are so bitter/sour, but these were lovely. We shared some brushetta for starters and had a chilled beer. Love chilled beer in the hot weather. It's not hot and sunny, but hot, sticky and cloudy with the odd warm rain. Gives me a headache. Wish it would just be cool.
Bf is playing some football game now and I'm just surfing away. Need to start looking for internships. Had a quick browse. I guess tomorrow I will update cv and cover letter and then just do some blind applications. Didn't really find any openings, but not expecting that. I would love to work in a production role at a book publisher, but really any experience is appreciated. I did some work experiences a few years back. Those were in sales and publicity. I liked both departments, but would like to get to know other areas as well. Today being Sunday though I will succumb to lazyness and do the work tomorrow.

On another note I've become addicted to Innocent smoothies again. Just can't get enough of them. My favorite at the moment is Kiwis, Apples and Limes. In addition to all the fruit I'm eating I guess I've become a fruit junkie! Go me!


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